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Discover the power of social media advertising

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Agence Digi is a social advertising agency that supports you in your advertising campaigns on social networks. While French people today spend more time in front of their smartphones than in front of the television, social media platforms are becoming advertising channels.

Social ads also give you a whole new way to communicate because you cantarget very precisely your audience so that every click on your ad counts. 
In the end, you're no longer doing  advertising, you're just showing your brand, products, or services to those who are genuinely interested!

Offers adapted to your needs



Whether your campaign is international or hyperlocal, we help you communicate your communications to the target audience.

  • Fame

  • Population coverage



We support you in your well-thought-out targeted campaigns to reach the target effectively.


  • Traffic

  • Commitment

  • Acquisition of subscribers



We manage your performance campaigns with one goal in mind: performance.

  • leads

  • conversions

  • ecommerce


Touch effectively your audience with social ads

When you buy advertising space in a magazine, on television, on the radio, in the street or in the subway, you are ultimately not sure that all the people who will see your ad will be interested in your brand, your products or your services. Social advertising is another matter: the 100 people it reaches are exactly the same as your potential customers. 
The interest, aspect or retargeting offered by social media are very powerful tools that give you the possibility to reach only your audience and nothing else. 
Our social advertising agency supports you in creating personalized targeting for your audience.

Your advertising 360° campaigns

We take care of all aspects of your social advertising campaign

Advertising strategy

We help you create the best advertising strategy according to your objectives: KPIs, channels, types of campaigns, budget... We create a personalized media plan to make your   campaign a success.

Technical deployment

Agence Digi masters the technical implementation of your campaigns: creation of an advertising account, installation of web beacons, iOS14 optimization, implementation of lists...

Advertising targeting

We select the most important targeting for you based on several criteria: socio-demography, areas of interest, look-alikes, third-party audiences, retargeting... All this with A/B testing to optimize your campaign as much as possible.

Monitoring & Optimization

Metrics for all your social media advertising campaigns are closely monitored and campaigns are optimized daily to ensure the best performance.

Design & Copywriting

We create all the creative media materials for your   campaign: statics, videos, gifs, carousels, stories, tiktoks... Trust our design studio to design important ads!

Reporting & Performance

We accurately measure your campaign KPIs so you can better gauge the effectiveness of your ads throughout the campaign.


Your advertising campaigns on all social networks

Agence Digi takes care of your advertising campaigns on all social networks so that you can achieve your goals where they are:

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Twitter Ads

  • Snapchat Ads

  • Pinterest Ads

  • TikTok Ads

Discover a communication agency that thinksCreativity & Performance

Agence Digi supports you in creative advertising planning and effective campaign management.


The creative quality of your ads is essential to the success of your campaigns. Digi Agency helps you create the best ads that grab your audience's attention with creativity and drive audience action.


At Agence Digi, performance   guides all campaign actions. A/B testing is at the heart of our software to constantly optimize your campaigns for even better performance.

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